This is how Instagram ranks the viewer order on your story

You are wondering how the Instagram story sorting happens; you may even think that those who are in the first place are more likely to visit your profile. Is this really the case? What does the Instagram story sequence look like?

There is a lot of curiosity about how the order of the Instagram story is arranged. In fact, users trying to reach certain information in this regard are looking for the truth in Google; but there is no clear explanation in this respect about which algorithm Instagram uses. When you open up any of the stories you share in Instagram and scroll up, you see a list of storytellers. However, some names in this list are always in the upper ranks at certain periods and some of them are why we are surprised; some of whom we really talked about. What does Instagram do to this list?

As you can see in the above image, there is a list of people who look at a shared story. Sorting is usually done on every shared story like this.

First let’s start by saying that Instagram has no explanation for this matter. So let us say what you say, where you read from, you will never find a clear answer to this question. But of course we can be found in hypotheses; but that’s not going to say anything definite, so I’ll speculate on how this is happening:

The reasons for appearing in the upper order in the stories in Instagram;

Have you been messing with the top line often or at regular intervals via DM?

How is your interaction? In Instagram, does the user like your photos often, or do you like his photos all the time? Do you comment on your photos?

Do you often enter the person’s profile?

This may be the reason why you say yes to only one of the answers to these questions. However, again, it is not possible to pinpoint the answer to this question.

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