Solution for those who have weak WiFi signal

As the number of devices connected to the Internet increases, it is necessary to connect to the network in every room, every corner of the home and offices. In some cases, however, WiFi signals do not reach the house or office. Structural status of buildings, thick walls or wooden floors prevent WiFi signals from modem / router. Multi-storey buildings, moderately insufficient due to floor / m2, even if there is no structural problem in houses / offices spreading over wide area. Modifying the modem / routers in such cases is not a solution; Need to support with different products. The most guaranteed solution among these products is ‘powerline adapters’.

By its simplest definition, Powerline adapters make it possible to make the existing home / office power line an internet network at the same time. At this point, every point with an electrical outlet has reached the internet. These products, sold as dual adapters, are simple to install and use. One of the adapters is connected to the modem / router by cable and is connected to the prize. Now, the electricity grid is also becoming transmissive on the internet. The second adapter (which can also use more adapters) is able to connect to the interneplace when it is connected to the prize at the desired place, either by cable or internally via wireless.

Powerline adapters have different models. The main difference is that only the models that support cable connection and the models that have both wired and wireless support. Users can choose the model according to their requirements.

Currently in Turkey close to twenty powerline adapter model on sale. In the entry-level model with 802.11N support, options are provided for models with AC support, advanced features and three Ethernet inputs. TP-Link offers models with speed, wired / wireless options as well as a plus socket on powerline adapters. Each series of TP-Link Powerline adapters has a choice of models with or without plugs.

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