OnePlus works for 5G phone, promises to update for 3 years

OnePlus smart phones not sold officially in Turkey, but it is possible to have them brought from abroad or via parallel imports. In the US, OnePlus phones can be purchased directly from the company’s online store without a SIM card. According to the company, the company is planning to establish a business association with mobile operators in the US and sell smartphones against contracts.

PC Mag, who interviewed OnePlus CEO Pete Lau on the MWC Shanghai event, noted that the smartphone company wants to sell its phones to mobile customers via US mobile operators. In this way, Lau thinks that customers in the United States can experience more of them before they buy phones. However, the company is able to exhibit its phones in this country with customer events organized regularly until now. Lau did not say which operators or operators OnePlus was negotiating with. However, Qualcomm has the freedom to work as it desires because it uses the chipset.

What’s even more interesting for us is that Lau is telling PC Mag to work with Qualcomm to work with one of the first phones with 5G support. The first 5G phone in the US is expected to be launched in 2019. In the same year, 5G services will be spent in this country. In Turkey, the 5G network with almost the same time abroad is expected to be available by mobile operators. So it may be possible to use it easily in our country shortly after the OnePlus 5G phone is out.

Although OnePlus confirms that it is working on the next device, it does not forget past customers. A new program called OnePlus Software Maintenance Calendar for existing OnePlus phone owners has been announced. Within this new program, software updates are warranted for two years following the release of the OnePlus phone.

Updates will include new functionality, Android versions, Android security patches, and various bug fixes. On the other hand, OnePlus promises to provide Android security patches, which will be released every two months and one more year, over these two years.

The OnePlus Software Maintenance Program will be available for OnePlus 3 and newer phones. Regular updates will be available for OnePlus 3 and 3T until November 2018.

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