Instagram: How to add link to story?

Hello dear Dijikolog readers, we are in a new post together. We did not share long-standing help articles. Today we are with a new help letter. We can not turn back the extreme desires that come from everybody and share with you the answer to the question “How to Link Instagram Story?” I hope it helps.

What is Instagram Story?

Let’s start with a general concept, then let’s go into detail. Instagram introduced a new feature in 2016: Stories. This new feature of Instagram, which even shortens Snapchat in a short time, is being used by millions of people a day. As such, Instagram constantly updates, giving new dimensions to the story. One of the latest features is the link to the Instagram story.

How to Link to Instagram Story?

Everyone is really curious about the answer to this question. There are a lot of people who can not find exactly where to add it. The main reason for this is that your feature has not yet been opened to all users. According to statistics provided by Instagram, in June of 2017, only 27% of Instagram users are able to access the link to Instagram stories. As we will describe below, if you see the Add link in your Instagram account, the link is active in your account.

Then you will see the section where you can add “Link” – “Link”.

As we mentioned, this feature will appear when you are active and it will not appear on the screen.

Does Instagram have no place to add links on my account?

Unfortunately, as noted above, this feature has not yet come to all Instagram accounts. As is known in Turkey, people recognized now able to use this feature and some normal account. If your Instagram account is popular and its activity rates are high, this feature should probably be activated on your account right now.  In some cases, those who have a lot of this feature can request activation of the feature in their calculations by sending a text to the Instagram in the Instagram application. If you are going to receive a request in this way, please report the following English text to the Instagram within the application.

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