How to type bold, italics and strikethrough in Whatsapp

If you want to use bold, italics and strikethrough in Whatsapp, there’s one easy way to do that. So let’s see how to write it down… WhatsApp beta update will now allow fonts to be italicized and bold. The latest updates from WhatsApp seem to be minor changes, but cumulatively they do not escape the fact that the application is experiencing a significant change.

Allowing sharing of the latest PDF documents, WhatsApp will allow you to use bold and italic characters when writing your messages with the new beta update. This is not a very radical update, but surely it will be functional in time, so that we do not underestimate important words.

You will get between two asterisks (*), while any word or sentence can be converted to bold characters, and the words between two underscores (_) can also be italics. In fact, users know that this is still a method for Google+, not a very new algorithm. A sign that you’re working on a feature-rich infrastructure between WhatsApp and instant messaging applications, where almost every month is a step ahead with a new update.

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