Honda’s famous robot Asimo retires

Honda has come to the end of AsimoHonda’s cute, humanoid robot Asimo. In the company statement, it was announced that the production of the robot would be terminated. Honda will continue to use Asimo technology in practical areas such as patient care and transportation.

The work for Asimo, which has a name stemming from the abbreviation of “Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility”, started in the 1980s, and the robot has found the year 2000 to be ready. Asimo, the first robot to walk on two legs; his ability to perceive more than one moving object, to be able to make near-realistic predictions about distances, to detect the directions of objects, to understand and interpret voice commands and gestures, and to act autonomously by means of sensors. The robot, which is 1.30 meters long and weighs 54 kilograms, can run for 1 hour with a 51.8 V lithium-ion battery.

Asimo’s relationship with the media for 18 years can be said to be quite hot. The robot, playing football with former US President Barack Obama, participating in show programs and exhibiting dance shows, seemed to have given more than enough material to the media.

At the beginning of the robot journey with Honda Asimo, the information about the next steps was shared publicly at CES 2018. The company showed four robots that would help the user in different jobs.

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