Facebook: How to change page name?

Hello friends today in our summer “Facebook Page Name Change (Unlimited)” we will tell. So let’s start!

With the method I discovered last time, I can change my name to unlimited number of pages without any obstacles. I am writing the steps to be done in order;

1. Create a page with the name of the page if you want to do the name of the page. When creating the page, select the page category Local Business> Local Business.

2. Submit a request by selecting your newly created page via https://www.facebook.com/help/contact/911181838969039 this form.

3. Go to the page whose name you want to change and make the category Local business and type in a real address.

4. You will receive a confirmation mail within 30 minutes. Then go to the settings section of the page you just created. At the bottom left is a menu called Locations. From this menu, add the page whose name you want to change, the page name will automatically be the name of the page you created first.

5. After the name of the page changes, it will write the address in parentheses next to the page. To change it to On, go to: Your Page> About> Page Information> Location Identifier> Leave the address in parentheses beside the page blank.

Note: With this method, you have the right to change the page name, user name (url). In addition, if there are pages with placements, all placements appear in bulk on the main page and you gain page merging rights. In short, with this method;

Page Name Change
Change Page URL
Page Merge
Merge Page Notifications
You have specific comments about the page (delete visitor posts).

How is “Facebook Unlimited Page Name Change” done in today’s article? I told him about it.

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