Whatsapp: How to know if you are blocked

One of the biggest problems of WhatsApp users is that of course you can not be sure they are blocked or blocked. This is especially so for those who use it frequently, so we decided to let you know what steps you need to follow to easily understand what you are blocking in WhatsApp. Let’s go straight ahead without losing your words.

First, let’s see how a user who has not blocked you will look in WhatsApp. As you can see in the screenshot below, users who do not block you can see the last time they appear on the chat screen or whether they are online.

However, you should not forget that this information will not be visible to users who close the time of last seen, and this does not always mean blocking. Also, when you send a message to an unobstructed user, two arrow signs will appear next to your messages, but this second sign will not appear even if the user does not intercept your messages. So be careful to evaluate the situation well.

As you can see, you can see the latest profile photos, online status and status information of users who are not blocking on the profile screen.

How to tell the users who blocked you. Note that the following screen image shows that the previous user’s profile picture was converted to an old one and that there is no online information or last seen date.

Even if we send a message to this user for a while, the second okey sign does not appear.

When we entered the user’s profile, the profile photo appears as an old photo, and also there is no status information. So we can almost say that the user is blocking us.

The final and definitive method of understanding is a bit more challenging. Once you add the number you want to check to another WhatsApp installed phone, you can clearly see if that user is blocked by browsing your phone and profile information on that phone. But in order to understand WhatsApp barriers, the methods we wrote above will mostly work.

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