WhatsApp has now a revolution feature

The service, which provides an update focused on whatsApp group settings innovations for Android users in early June, now offers more options for iOS users. Here are the new features that come with the Whatsapp update for iOS.

Group administrators will be able to demonstrate much better management with new features and enhancements to WhatsApp for iOS. At the beginning of these, only the group administrators have the authority to send a group message. This new option is only possible as an administrator in Group Settings under Group Information. In the meantime, let’s keep in mind that non-administrators can still read messages and respond privately with the Send Admin Message option.

We can say that this innovation will be of great use to those who use groups for important announcements and information. For example; teachers, parents, community centers and non-profit organizations will be able to ensure that this sharing is seamlessly accessible to the relevant community. In this sense, we can easily say that the executive tool is very functional.

An important improvement that the update offers is that it allows the group administrator to easily notify people when they change phone numbers. This new option is easily accessible via Settings> Account> Change Phone Number. In addition, you have the option of choosing which people want your new phone number to be known.

WhatsApp has not neglected to take many steps for the group experience that its users have been offering over the past few months. It is also worth noting that some of these are already available with Telegram. Every nice app is inspired by each other. Among the recent ones presented are; group information, non-backlit features, and protection against repeated re-addition of the group that users leave.

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