The HTC U12 Plus durability test was released!

HTC, which can not find what it wants on a smart phone market, is quite ambitious with its new flagship model. How durable is the HTC U12 Plus? Here is the HTC U12 Plus durability test! JerryRigEverything, which became popular with the durability tests it implements on devices, was the subject of the YouTube channel and the HTC’s new look, the U12 Plus, was the first to be screen tested for the first time. As in all other competitors, the Gorilla Glass display used is the same, with the screen starting to draw on the sixth and seventh levels, while the display is durable to the fifth level.

Camera lenses do not suffer any scratches with the model knife, while the aluminum case does not show scratch resistance. Buttons do not look very durable. Fingerprint readers can resist scratching.

The new look of HTC, which is then exposed to fire, is finally subjected to a flexural test.

Click here to watch the video.

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