How to add music to Instagram Stories?

Do not the stories you create in Instagram look as interesting as the old one? Then color your story with music! Can you find anything to add to your Instagram stories? Do not worry because you can now add music to the story. The new function allows you to add more than 1,000 recognized songs to Instagram Stories.

To add a song to your story, which consists of a photo or a video, touch and add a tag. Now you will see a music icon. You can view your options by touching this icon. You can search songs by name, by type, by mood, or by popular singles. You can listen to the song you have selected and just include your favorite part in your story.

When others view your story, they will see a label on the backplane that will hear the song and write the name of the singer and the song. You can also select the music before the video recording. Open the camera, find the music option under the record button, and select your song. Then record the video while the music is playing on the backplane.

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