Alibaba is strategically investing in Trendyol

The world’s largest online and mobile commerce company Alibaba, Turkey’s leading e-commerce platform of investing in Trendyol. Alibaba becomes Trendyol’s new strategic partner and takes the share of existing financial investors. This investment is showing its commitment to Alibaba, globalization and Turkey are important in terms of being the largest Internet investment so far.

Trendyol and deal with Alibaba, Turkey and the surrounding Trendyol to accelerate the growth and to work together to strengthen. In this process, Alibaba will share and support Trendyol with technology, online trade, mobile payment, logistics and international trade.

Trendyol, with more than 16 million customers, and around Turkey and more growth potential in the rapidly growing e-commerce market in the region has a very important position. To be on the internet only 3.5 percent of Turkey’s retail volume, shows that Trendyol is a serious potential for creating growth and change in the retail sector. Turkey more than three million SMEs, large and advanced manufacturing facilities, established logistics infrastructure and the potential to be a hub for growth in the region’s environment because of their connection with countries Alibaba.

Trendyol’s founder and CEO Demet Mutlu said in a statement, “Alibaba and Trendyol are companies with very similar cultural and values, great goals for the digital ecosystem. We are very excited about this partnership, “he said. “8 years ago 5 people with big goals around a table and started our journey with passion, we have created Turkey’s largest and fastest growing mobile e-commerce platform. We are still on our way, we will work harder to serve our customers better, to further our partners, our team and our country’s digital ecosystem. Alibaba is a company we have always taken as examples, now with their investment and support, we will bring Trendyol together with even bigger targets, more customers, more countries. Together with Alibaba, hundreds of millions of customers will reach Turkish brands and producers. Turkey and around the development of the digital economy as we did before, we will continue to give our customers the best service. ”

Alibaba Group Chairman and Board Member on the subject, Michael Evans “Turkey is a very exciting and important market when assessing different digital economy in the world and the region. With this investment Alibaba, a strong founder and market leader under the leadership of the management team, will join a brand. Trendyol is a very fast growing private brand with a strong platform, loyal business partners and a large customer base. This collaborative e-commerce in Turkey and the region, digital payment systems and will create significant opportunities in the entire retail value chain. Trendyol’s founders and current management team will continue to lead and will also contribute to the Alibaba ecosystem. Together with Trendyol, we will continue to support the truly globalization of Turkish brands, business partners and producers. “

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